Professional Development Teacher Workshop



415 Tucker Hall and Townsend Hall

Saturday, March 8, 2014

University of Missouri



Presented by:


Dr. Gary Stacey – Director of the Legume-Microbe Laboratory

Dr. Katalin Toth

Dr. Shakhawat Hassain

Dr. Kiwamu Tanaka

Dr. Dong Xu

Dr. Trupti Joshi

Dr. Deanna Lankford


Workshop Schedule:

09:00 - Welcome & Introductions

09:05 - Dr. Gary Stacey discusses the research completed in his lab

09:20 - Dr. Shakhawat Hossain: DNA Extraction

10:20 ----- Break -----

10:25 - Dr. Katalin Toth: Designing and implementing on investigation into nitrogen fixation

11:30 - Dr. Kiwamu Tanaka: Investigating plant pigment extraction and separation through paper chromatography

12:30 ----- Lunch ----- Provided

01:15 - Dr. Dong Xu: Introduction to Bioinformatics and scientific databases

02:15 ----- Break -----

2:30 - Dr. Trupti Joshi: Bioinformatics—Mining DNA,RNA, and Protein Databases for information about gene function and evolutionary trends

4:30 - Next Steps & Closure


Workshop Materials:


Workshop Flyer


The Basic Knowledge of DNA


The Role of Nitroden in Plant Growth


Plant Pigment Chromatography


Focus on Plant Science
From Plants to DNA to



Bioinformatics for High-School Education



From Sequence to Phylogeny




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